Creative Blaster Voodoo 2 Specifikation

  • Total of 6MB high-performance EDO DRAM arranged in a 2MB frame buffer and two 2MB texture stores
  • 1 Pixel fx2 and 2 Texel fx2 processors
  • 192-bit, multi-way interleaved memory interface providing more than 1G/second total bandwidth
  • Compatible with any graphics cards, using video pass through
  • Single slot PCI card capable of 33 and 66 MHz operation
  • Can be connected to a second card for 2x performance
  • 180 million two-texture, bilinear-filtered, MIP mapped pixel/second fill rate
  • 360 million two-texture, bilinear-filtered, MIP mapped pixel/second in dual-board configuration
  • 2 million triangles per second with real game triangles
  • Triangle-based raster engine with Gourad modulation
  • 16 bit integer and floating point Z-buffering with biasing
  • Full hardware setup of triangle parameters
  • Automatic hardware-based back-face culling
  • Support for multi-triangle strips and fans
  • Transparency and chroma-key support with dedicated color mask
  • Alpha blending on source and destination pixels
  • Sub-pixel and sub-texel correction to 0.4x0.4 resolution
  • 24-bit color scaling to native 16 bit RGB buffer using 4x4 or 2x2 ordered dither matrix
  • Per-pixel and per-vertex atmospheric fog and haze effects simultaneous with alpha blending
  • Polygon edge anti-aliasing
  • First PC-based 3D game accelerator with single-pass trilinear filtering
  • True, divide-per-pixel perspective correction
  • True, per-pixel level-of-detail MIP mapping, with biasing and clamping
  • RGB modulation, addition and blending to combine textures and shaded pixels
  • Texture composting for multi-texture special effects
  • Support for 14 texture map formats
  • 8-bit paletted textures with full speed bilinear filtering
  • Texture compression through narrow-channel YAB formatting
  • 640X480X65000 @ 150 Hz
  • 800X600X65000 @ 120 Hz
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