Diamond Monster 3D II - Specifikation

Diamond Multimedia Produktspecifikation: 8 MB EDO DRAM - 4 MB frame buffer memory, 4 MB texture minne gives you 800x600 memory and 4 MB of texture memory for 800 X 600 gaming with Z-buffer! 3Dfx Voodoo2 controller - For revolutionary PC game performance with outstanding speed enhancements , stunning visual effects, and crisp, clear graphical images. Accelerated Frame Rates - for game play at over 60 frames per second with one Monster 3D II and over 100 frames per second with dual cards, using the MEGA Monster feature.

New! MEGA Monster - Enables you to connect two Monster 3D II cards together and uses scan line Interleaving (SLI) to double frame rates and deliver unprecedented color to PC images. Three dedicated 3D engines - on a single card, for triangle rendering and texture mapping, that dramatically improve the speed and realism of game images. Superior resolution support - 800 X 600 game display with one Monster 3D II and at 1024 X 768 game display with dual Monster 3D II’s.
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